I have given it some thought.

Now I appreciate if your position on the “everyone’s kinda right a bit, I guess, and so we shouldn’t challenge that” kind of vibe you’re throwing out there. And that attitude does maintain a level of civil order and strengthening of community bonds. I suspect you are the kind of person who tries to make friends with just about everyone because you have such a giving heart and you’re very “love” oriented. Back in the 80s, the D&D crowd might’ve call it “Chaotic Good”.

I don’t know if that’s true, not knowing you, but if it is… that’s awesome. The world would have fewer tragedies of more of you were in it.

But here’s my thing: Factual truths are defended with facts, logic and reason, and they are tethered to reality. Emotional truths (aka Bullshit, which is not the same as a lie) are free to mutate like a virus to ensure it’s survival, and sometimes that virus is deadly.

The past 12 months have seen numerous child deaths because they were denied medical treatment. These were not abusive, mean parents. They were loving parents who gave their child prayer/homeopathy/traditional medicine/essential oils instead of so much as First Aid. As someone who cares about humanity and the number of body bags were filling, that concerns me.

Every year hundreds of thousands of children in Asia and Africa die or go blind from vitamin A deficiency. Golden Rice would go a long way in reducing those numbers, but the Anti-GMO forces delay it’s progress. This is despite that the scientific consensus on it’s safety is the comparable to the consensus on global climate change or the hazards of smoking. It seems to be more about hating Monsanto.

And how did Monsanto become the Nickelback of corporations? I can think of several off the top of my head who deserve it more. United Fruit Company comes to mind. Their involvement in Columbia… THAT’S evil shit.

And how did Nickelback get to earn so much hate? That’s emotionally extreme. It’s just a band, and they would’ve disappeared long ago if they were ignored.

Anyway, just some food for thought. Respond… don’t respond… it’s all good. Chew on it for a few weeks, whatever.